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The importance of technology in schools is so evident in the 21st Century. Students who are not computer savvy will struggle in their future professions, as most jobs today would require a basic ability to use computers systems.

Polytechnics Solutions

We cannot expect to produce the leaders of tomorrow by putting them in yesterday’s learning environment. Today’s students grow up entirely in the era of connectivity.

What We Offer

Profix is offering a solution that addresses all the major current impediments to schools and institutions with the will to imbibe a change to the way things are done.

Supporting Infrastructure

The provision of requisite hardware and software is key to the realization of the technology agenda. These resources must be available both to individual students and as shared resources.

Modern Computer Learning Hub

we offer design, build, operate and maintain a modern institution computer hub as part of the initial project cost. 

Curriculum Support

We offer full MATLAB, AUTOCAD, Classes with featured projects for all level of Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics students, programming tools for computer science……..

Academic Integrity Systems

Students are more likely to cheat if there is a possibility of not getting caught in the act. Sometimes curbing this situation can be a difficult one without the use of requisite technology.

Productivity Tools

Access to Microsoft cloud storage and office applications for schoolwork.
– Remote access to learning infrastructure from home and on personal devices.
– Online lectures and recorded classes.
– Access to students/campus versions of learning software,

Support Services

Profix will support installed infrastructure for this project and any other IT-related support the institution would request.

Our vision is to empower the Nigerian student with necessary skills 

to remove insecurity and instill confidence among the youth;
envisioning them to see a world of competence, skill and prosperity
through meaningful training and learning to foster a nation free
from unemployment and ensure fruitful engagement.

Project Management

We provide all related project management and flawless cut-over planning to support implementation, embedment, and usage of deployed solutions.

“What is Coming” Institution Campaign

This is a program designed to put every stakeholder in the knowledge and expectation of the big change. It prepares everyone mentally and emotionally, any salient concerns or potential deployment showstoppers are identified and managed as part of the project implementation

Computer ownership Program

We shall facilitate, provision of personal computers of choice to willing and eligible students and instructors. Details and eligibility criteria will be included as part of the service contract agreement that will be in place with the institution.

Conferences and Professional Institutions

It’s not necessary to be finished with a degree before getting active in a student’s field of interest. Many professional associations allow students the opportunity to join and start preparing for their futures. Benefits can be financial or Networking opportunities further enhancing learning.

Instructor and Institution Staff Training

Once your new learning environment is established, lecturers and leaders will receive a combination of live and self-paced web-based training tailored to support the efficient use of installed equipment and systems.

Student Orientation/ Training

A structured orientation for students, tailored to the level of studies and course requirement will be developed and implemented. This further helps the students understand the full capability and encourage optimum utilization of provided services.


First, being a member of a professional organization is a great way to learn more about your future industry. Some associations offer mentoring and internships, giving you a chance to interact with industry members who already have a lot of experience.

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