Our Services


Educational Technology

  • School website and portals
  • e-Learning
  • Hardware infrastructure and design
  • Computer coding
  • Robotics
  • Cinematograpy
  • taught programs andcontent development

School Management System

  • Student fees management
  • Front end Registration
  • Computer-based Testing
  • Sibling Management
  • Internal messaging system
  • Exam marks management
  • Chart & Graph analysis in reporting
  • Homework document

Profix Technologies

  • Business intelligence
  • Server machines deployement
  • IT back up services
  • Network design
  • IT security
  • IP Cameras and physical security
  • Smart homes , hotels and offices


Greatness Is Designed

 we believe great organizations are designed to be great; it doesn’t just happen.  Further, we know that every organization needs help from time to time to achieve this.  This could be because the company has grown to such a point that internal resources are not able to provide the answer, owners do not have enough time, success is causing growth problems or it is just not clear why the company is not as profitable as it could be.  In all these cases the solution to being great is finding clarity and we strive to be your long term business advisor and find solutions to these issues and aid you in building the company that you know is possible.

We Get Excited By Our Clients Success

What gets us moving every day is knowing we have to help our clients hit their growth plan running.  This can be expanding a company nationally, improving operations to beat customers  demands, investigate divisions to determine how to make areas of the organization more profitable and, in all cases, ensure we are on our clients growth path. 

Our Process & Workflow.

The strategy involves establishing goals and developing a systematic process to ensure those goals are achieved.  All goals can be achieved but it is about coming up with realistic time frames for when they are achievable. Some can be accomplished in a month, some in three to six months and some in 1 year.  


These goals are determined when we sit down with the team for a full strategy session.  In the meeting, we work with you to understand where you want to go.  Through our questioning, we will work together to determine the right strategy for your business.  As we discuss things we also come up with a list of action items.  These action items become the core of what has to get done. As these get done we get closer to achieving your goals.

Project Research

Brainstorm an idea or identify a problem and explore solutions

Print Solutions

We provide all services from design to final output

Educational Technology

We provide educational technology for Schools from kindergarten to university

Business Technology

IT support is an integral part of modern businesses, we provide turnkey solutions

Let’s Work Together

Profix management Consultants helps you by working with you and your key management team to ensure both the business plan and the financial plan are well mapped out.  Further, through our experience and with our questioning process we determine what needs to change in the organization to get the business to the next level. After working with you to determine what needs to get done, we regularly meet with you and your team to ensure everything gets done. contact us today